The 6 Best Outdoor Maternity Photo Locations in Orlando

Outdoor maternity sessions are some of the best for capturing raw, unfiltered lighting. I feel so lucky as an Orlando maternity photographer, because we are surrounded by gardens, lakes, springs, and just close enough to the beach to have the perfect location for any future moms.

If you’re considering an outdoor session, you’ll want to keep reading. These are my top 6 locations in and around Orlando to take my clients.

Kraft Azalea Garden

Let’s begin with my favorite outdoor location for capturing maternity photos. Kraft Azalea Garden is a public park located a few moments outside Orlando, on the shores of Lake Maitland in Winter Park, FL. The garden is full of aging Cypress trees and a towering neo-classical colonnade that overlooks the lake.

Kraft Azalea Garden - orlando outdoor locations for maternity photos

I love doing maternity sessions at Kraft Azalea because there are so many natural and architectural elements to work with. From the water to the ancient-looking columns to the trees. We can use the garden’s elements as stunning backdrops, to create artistic framing, and posing props like Valerie is doing in the photo above. Because the trees stand so tall, sunrise and sunset photoshoots often allow for soft, natural lighting that highlights your face in the perfect pregnancy glow.

Mead Botanical Garden - orlando Maternity photo shoot locations

Mead Botanical Garden

While we’re looking at Winter Park, I have to mention Mead Botanical Garden because it’s the most requested outdoor location I get for maternity sessions. For good reason, of course! Mead Botanical Garden makes for the perfect natural setting. It’s home to over 47 acres of pathways, boardwalks, butterfly gardens, rose gardens, and arching trees. The blooms are perfect for spring and summer maternity sessions. 

If you’d like to bring your partner or children along for the session, then we can head straight to the pathways inside the Gardens. There, the trees provide picturesque framing for family maternity sessions. For couples, it provides a romantic backdrop. (Many of my couples love coming here for couple sessions and engagement sessions to commemorate their love story.) For families, it provides a natural setting to capture you and your children celebrating the new addition to your family.

Mead Botanical Garden - Maternity Photography Session Orlando

Kelly Park Rock Springs

If your dream is to be photographed along rocky shores or crystal clear water, then Kelly Park Rock Springs is your spot. Located just 30 minutes from downtown Orlando, Kelly Park is a free-flowing natural spring. The rocks are just high enough out of the water to provide comfortable areas to sit or lie down. (Of course, I will be there to help steady you, so you and your precious baby are safe.)

If you’re feeling adventurous, we can discuss how to use the spring to drape your maternity gown in or create ripples in the water. The rich, jewel-colored background makes for stunning full-colored images and black-and-white fine art to hang in your home. 

couples maternity photo session Lake Runnymede Conservation Area orlando florida

Lake Runnymede Conservation Area

Lake Runnymede Conservation Area is a great choice for maternity sessions that feature just a hint of nature. Located 30 minutes from Orlando, Lake Runnymede has a unique blend of Florida’s classic, mossy oak trees and grassland. When photographed right, the grasslands can resemble sandy beach dunes, making it the perfect location for beach lovers who don’t want to trek to the shores for a maternity session. 

The oak trees provide natural light filters that highlight each emotion that flits across your face during your maternity photoshoot. I personally love Lake Runnymede and enjoy any opportunity I get to go there.

Ponce Inlet Beach

Speaking of Orlando beaches, Ponce Inlet Beach is the perfect place to go for beach maternity sessions. Locals love the sandy shores here, so we’ll want to get there early to avoid crowds. It’s a dream spot for capturing roaring waves that highlight the strength and femininity of this stage of motherhood. We’ll do our best to keep your gown sand-free until the camera comes out. If you want to dip your toes in, we can work with the natural elements to create a beautiful, powerful pose you’ll want to show off to friends and family.

maitland art and history museum outdoor courtyard orlando fl

The Maitland Art And History Museum Outdoor Courtyard

Looking for another architectural outdoor location for your maternity photoshoot? Consider The Maitland Art and History Museum. The grounds, ponds, and pathways are perfect for outdoor maternity sessions. 

However, it’s the architecture of the Chapel and Mayan Courtyard that are the show-stoppers here. (After you, of course!) You’ll feel like you stepped foot into old Florida the moment you enter. From the towering walls of the courtyard to the ornately carved floor tiles to the sculptures – every direction you look will fill you with an immense connection to the place. 

We’ll weave the mix of textures and patterns into your photos to create beautiful backdrops you’ll love. The carefully designed gardens can also provide a colorful construct to the whitewashed walls and tiles. Because everything is so close together, we can easily move between the courtyard, chapel, pathways, and pond during the session. There is truly so much to love about this location.

Orlando has so many choices for outdoor maternity sessions

It can be hard to narrow it down. Whether you’re looking for water elements or fauna, I can help you choose the perfect location during our pre-photoshoot planning consultation. Pregnancy goes by so fast. It’s important to pause to create something that celebrates this short period of time. Maternity photos do that. Make sure you contact me well in advance so we can plan the best time to have your session before your baby is due. 

Together, we’ll craft not only beautiful images to commemorate this period of your motherhood journey but also timeless pieces of artwork – museum-worthy wall art and albums that you’ll fall in love with more each time you look at them.

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