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Hey, I’m kelly, your french photographer who fell in love with florida.

Kelly Abramson smiling holding a camera

Hi! I’m Kelly

10+ years behind a camera, Art lover, Visual Storyteller

Have you ever felt like you were playing a character around other people? That you were not truly yourself, just to please people? One day I decided I would stop worrying about what others may think. And I felt a thousand times better. All I want is to live an authentic life — be grounded, live intensely, feel deeply. Be moved by everything I see — people, places, art.

I was lucky to grow up in an environment where I was encouraged to question everything, look deeper, and to find what’s authentic. With how today’s world feels — loud, rushed, virtual — I hold onto all that like a treasure. This is the very source of my approach as a portrait photographer. It’s not just about a pretty smile; it’s about real emotions. It’s the thousand words you say with your eyes when you look at your baby, your partner, or straight at my camera.

My mom is a wonderful psychoanalyst who has thought me to always look beyond what I see in a person. I quickly became obsessed with understanding what people actually felt between the lines. Do the eyes say the same thing as the words coming out of their mouth? What does that gesture, that faint smile means? That is naturally how I became passionate about portraiture: capturing the almost imperceptible details is what reveals the essence of a person. That’s what authentic photography is all about.

I launched Bent Hues Photography with the desire of creating a space for people in need of authentic

for the bold ones, the shy ones, the spontaneous ones

the cool moms

the scared dads

the wild couples

the women who love other women

the ones who think they feel too much

the ones who are restless, who need to be inspired, who always want to do more learn more love more

I speak your language & I want to capture what makes you who you are.

A few facts about me. I…

– graduated with an MFA in filmmaking and screenwriting in France — this is where all the good visual storytelling skills I use everyday come from.

– grew up in a tiny village near Paris where all the houses are made out of stone.

– love developing 35mm film in my bathroom

– read passionately

– miss my family

– live in Maitland with Brennon, he’s really cool (see photo)

– The Enzian theater is my happy place, you will find me there weekly watching a good movie or sipping on a radler.

Kelly Abramson with her boyfriend on a trip to Europe


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