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When Should I Book a Newborn Photographer?

Congratulations on your pregnancy! This is a precious time in your motherhood journey. It can also be confusing, as you try to plan ahead for your maternity and newborn photos. If you’re looking for an answer now, you’re in the right place. 

Let me walk you through when to book your newborn photographer, and other common questions I get asked.

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When Should You Book A Newborn Photographer?

Orlando is a busy place, so booking your newborn photographer early is always a good idea. The biggest advantage is the reduced stress. The first few days post-delivery are filled with precious bonding moments with your baby. You don’t want to have to worry about calling around to book a newborn photographer. That’s why, when possible, I recommend booking while you’re still pregnant. (If you’re past this stage, keep scrolling to get advice on booking once your baby is already here.)

What Age Should My Baby Be For Their Newborn Photography Session?

This is entirely dependent on you! Most newborn photographers recommend scheduling newborn photography within the first couple of days after birth, but I like to wait until your baby is 4-8 weeks old. When you do photos within days of their birth, babies are tired and can’t stay awake for their photos. This limits the range of pictures we can take to only laying down poses.

When you wait until they’re a month old, they can be awake and alert during the session. They’re able to smile, coo, and give the best expressions! They’ll start turning their head, giggling, and looking at the world around them. You will also be more rested. You’ve had time to settle into life, which can significantly reduce your stress. Plus, you’ve already started developing a bond with your baby, so the photos we capture are more loving and representative of the emotional connection between you.

Can I Get Newborn Photos With My Other Children?

Of course! I love capturing the sweet bonding moments between newborns and their big brothers and sisters. For families with other children, I still recommend that we will schedule your newborn session early. 

However, it’s not uncommon to need time to let all family members get to know and bond with the new baby. (It’s a big adjustment!) Having a newborn session too early may lead to uncomfortable, stiff interactions. We may not want to capture that. Thankfully, I can offer grace and can usually be flexible if your family needs extra time bonding.

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What If My Baby Is Already Here And I’m Searching For A Newborn Photographer?

Congratulations on your new addition! I may still be able to get you booked in for a newborn session. Contact me right away so we can coordinate calendars to find the earliest available time for your photos.

You’re an in-home newborn photographer. What does that mean?

In-home newborn photography is truly a special experience. There is no high-stress morning where you have to bundle your newborn and all their outfits into the car to cross town. Instead, I do the hustling. I’ll bring all my equipment to your home, so you have a restful morning. Then, we’ll spend a few hours capturing the little moments between you and baby. We can spend time in your living room, lying on the floor, in the backyard, or in your nursery. This lets the baby feel more comfortable (and my parents love it too!).

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I’m Still Pregnant. Do You Also Do Maternity Photography?

Yes! You can view some of my recent maternity sessions here. Many of my moms choose to book their maternity photos and newborn photos in the same consultation. This cuts down on todos once you’re closer to your due date. However, we can just book your maternity photos now, too.

How do I book you as my Orlando newborn photographer?

I work with parents all over Orlando, Florida and the surrounding areas. To book me, fill out my contact form below. We’ll hop on a consultation call to get to know each other and pick a session day based on your due date.