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5 Common Mistakes When Choosing Your Maternity Photographer

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how to choose your maternity photographer?

With each major US cities having many amazing options and talented artists, it’s easy to ask yourself this question. Even though this article’s focus is about pregnancy sessions, I really could have titled it “5 common mistakes when choosing your portrait photographer”. Because finding the perfect maternity photographer for a session often means the start of a collaboration that lasts for years; it’s finding a portrait photographer who will witness and capture your life’s major events, help you celebrate who you are at different stages of your life, even see your children grow. Let me give you a few tips to help you choose the right photographer for you and your family.

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Mistake #1 — Choosing a Maternity Photographer who doesn’t fit your vision

Take the time to find a photographer who thinks a bit like you, in terms of rhythm, style, emotions — overall find out what a photoshoot means to them and why they want to photograph people. Every photographer have a little something on their website that describes their vision.

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If you don’t want to feel rushed, I wouldn’t recommend booking someone who offers only 30-60min sessions. If you want photos that focus on real emotions and storytelling, make sure their portfolio isn’t only made of posed photos looking straight at the camera. Every photographer is different; but whatever their vision is, it has to speak to you.

As an example, my pregnancy photos, as well as all my other sessions, focus on authenticity — I want people to be able to see themselves just as they are by showing their true beauty, their real emotions and by telling their story through a cinematic style.

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Mistake #2 — Choosing Maternity Photography services only based on pricing

Having a set budget is of course completely okay but it shouldn’t be your only criteria. Style should a 100% be your number one priority, otherwise your photos may not turn out the way you were expecting. There are as many styles of photography as there are portrait photographers — take the time to choose someone whose work really speaks to you!

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It might be tempting to pick a very cheap photography service, but I promise you won’t get quality photos. You might find some low priced services from very talented photographers who are just starting out, but if they want to be able able to live from their art without burning out they will very quickly raise their prices! Photography is an investment simply because creating something of high quality takes time.

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Mistake #3 — Choosing a Maternity Photographer you aren’t connecting with

I ranked it #3 but I believe it’s just as important as the two other mistakes I previously talked about. Finding a portrait photographer you feel connected to is so important. Because this is how you’ll feel comfortable on front of the camera. And being comfortable means natural, authentic looking photos. Every photographer has their own way of getting to know you before the photoshoot: a detailed questionnaire, a video call, a pre-photoshoot consultation, etc.

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The more you can connect with your photographer and vice versa, the stronger the relationship will grow over the years. They will get to capture your life’s most precious events: a new pregnancy, your kids growing, family reunions photos, graduations, couples photos, etc. So make sure to find a photographer who gets you, who answers your questions and is easy to talk to! It can be the start of an amazing friendship.

Mistake #4 — Not reading all the details

It might sound obvious, but it’s actually very helpful to to that! Every maternity photographer has a different approach and own way of doing things, so make sure to read your photographer’s website in detail: they have so much information on there about what they offer, the photoshoot process, the pricing, what’s included, etc. And if you can’t find the information you need, don’t hesitate to ask!

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Mistake #5 — Booking someone who doesn’t offer what you need

I recommend finding someone who is offering specific services you were looking for: did you want a studio photoshoot? a makeup artist? an all-inclusive experience? a client closet?

Also very important is making sure the pricing system that is right for you. Typically photographers offer one of these two, with each their own advantages:

  • several packages that include the photoshoot time, a certain amount of photos, prints, albums, etc: you choose your preferred package.
  • session fee + “à-la-carte”: you pay a smaller session fee that doesn’t include photos, then purchase your photos after your photoshoot: digitals, wall art, albums… Basically, you build your own package after seeing your photos!

Bonus Tip — Book Early!

Picture this: you found your dream photographer, you reach out, and they tell you they are fully booked and can’t make it happen. That’s so sad! I can’t stress it enough: book your photographer as early on in your pregnancy as you can to make sure they are available for you! Pregnancy photoshoots happen between 28 and 32 weeks — I recommend booking at least 2 or 3 months ahead of time to be safe, or even earlier if your photographer is in high demand.

That’s all folks! Make sure to scroll down for all the contact info. And if you are interested in doing an outdoor photoshoot in Orlando and are looking for locations ideas, here’s another article that will interest you: “6 Perfect Outdoor Locations For A Maternity Photoshoot In Orlando

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