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Should I Do Maternity Photos for My Second Baby If I Didn’t for My First?

Have you been daydreaming of getting maternity photos for your second baby, but feeling guilty that you did not for your first pregnancy? If so, allow me to dispel your mom guilt! 

The answer is yes – get the photos.

Pregnancy is a beautiful time in your life. Your body showing its strength to create a safe home for your little one. You’re bonding with your baby in a way only you can. Yet, this time is brief. I’m sure you remember from your first child – one day you blink and go from cradling your bump to cradling your baby.

You deserve to be able to look back at images of yourself. To hold onto those memories.

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But I Didn’t Get Maternity Photos With My 1st Pregnancy

That’s ok! Maternity photos are all about you. It’s a way to document the emotions you’re feeling and the change in your body. Not getting photos, when you really want to, is a shame. 

Especially when you have a second chance to capture yourself during this time. 

If you missed out on getting photos with your first child, don’t miss out again. Your children will understand that mom only has one set of maternity photos. Plus, according to my mom friends, who are experts on this matter, children don’t care if you only get maternity photos with one or the other. They only really care about photos where they can see themselves.

So celebrate yourself. Say yes to your maternity photos. And if you’d like to find a way to include your first child, I have a solution for you too.

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How Can I Include My First Child?

I work with a lot of families who are having their second, third, or even fifth child. They want to find a way to include everyone. To that, I always recommend getting maternity photos for mom and dad, then getting family newborn photos that include the big brothers and sisters.

Remember when I said kids really only care about seeing themselves in the photo? Family newborn photos are a perfect solution to get professional photos of your first child and your baby. 

My approach to family newborn photos is to document the love between your family. We’ll take time to let each member get time with the baby. I’ll document the tiny smiles, the nose crinkles, and the moments your older child(ren) spends bonding with their sibling. Then, we’ll also get whole family photos, pictures with just you and baby, with mom and dad, just dad and baby, even your furry friends!

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Your family photo session will be low-stress and the perfect solution to dispel that guilty feeling you have for wanting to capture your pregnancy. 

Take a look at Baby Jackson’s family newborn session for an idea of the memories you’ll get. His older sisters just adore these photos!

One Final Thought

When it comes to whether should you or shouldn’t get maternity photos for your second child, I can’t decide for you. I wish I could, but I don’t have a magic wand to wave away the guilt.

What I do have are mom friends and clients. Not one of them has ever looked back on their photos and regretted getting them.

You won’t either. Get the maternity photos. 

And if you’d like to include your other children, let’s talk about bundling your maternity and newborn photos!